Welcome to Able Maritime Seafarers, Inc.

It is with great sense of pride and utmost sincerity that we welcome you to our company, ABLE MARITIME SEAFARERS, INC. We are an absolutely ideal business partner formed to meet the continuous need for offshore invincible pact between our agency and its Principals. For the past years up to present, we are vigilantly adhering to the government’s guidelines, both locally and abroad, in complying with all policies, standards and regulations that are vital in earning the trust of our clients by ensuring that only the best and highly qualified manpower support are pooled and deployed overseas.

As a strong believer of executing quality services, we aspire not only to satisfy our Principals’ requirements but to gain pride and honor in knowing that we have been accurately representing out company to the best interest of our Principals, achieving loyalty from our currently employed crew members and earning the dependability of our local employees. We live by the fervent prayer and conviction that our growth, successes and achievements are yours as well. It is our promise that once a business partnership is established with our agency, you’re “sailing” with us will be one rewarding experience.